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DNS Lookup or Domain System Lookup allows you locate the IP address of a particular domain. It also exposes a great deal of other details about the domain name. If you need to do lookup typically, I am sharing a couple of totally free DNS lookup devices & online services
Free DNS Lookup Equipment & Online solutions.

1] DNS lookup commands for Windows 10

Windows has a built-in command line tool– nslookup. It can be made use of to diagnose the Domain Name System (DNS) framework. It needs TCP/IP installed on your computer system to work. The only downside below is that its not as considerable as other devices. Learn more on how to use it right here on microsoft.come. If you discover this little bit hard, Nirsoft has a GUI tool for DNS lookup.

2] NetCrunch Tools

NetCrunch a software program which provides WhoIS, DNS Audit, DNS Lookup, and also far more. You can utilize it to for DNS lookup websites and also determine DNS setups errors. The device is additionally useful for local networking questions.

3] Whois DNS Lookup


It’s an on the internet service which offers DNS documents inquired consist of A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, and also TXT. You can additionally do an IP lookup, examine the RBL (Real-time Blackhole Lists) as well as do a Traceroute.

4] MxToolbox

It’s another on-line solution, yet only for checking the condition of email relevant DNS records, i.e., MX Records. It can additionally inspect if a domain name or the IP has been blacklisted from sending out spam e-mail. For each document, you have the alternative to perform a Blacklist check and SMTP test. The record is checked with numerous data sources.

5] WhatsmyDNS

If you are relocating servers, WhatsmyDNS uses live DNS look for its present IP address and also DNS document details. It offers you clear idea till which part of the globe the propagation is complete. They have servers on virtually every component of the globe, as well as the results are produced from all over as well as shared.

6] DNS Question

This online tool can do a great deal of question for DNS including ping, traceroute, who is lookup, traversal, ping, Reverse DNS Question, P Whois Question and more.

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